What We Do:

Categorizing the services provided by ML Gray Partnership isn’t black and white. These categories of services we offer are rarely mutually exclusive. For the majority of our clients, the nature of our agreement begins from the standpoint of a General Contractor, a Construction Manager, or projects related to Golf.  We're proud of the fact that our clients trust and depend on our experience, wisdom, insight and energy.

General Construction

General Construction

Congratulations on your new build! There is a lot of work to be done and no shortage of construction companies who say they can “do it all.” Choosing the right company to serve you can be stressful and overwhelming.

At ML Gray Partnership, we can say we “do it all” because we have done it all. Our resume is full of restaurants, retail centers, multi-family living spaces, schools, churches, universities, medical facilities, and country clubs. We are in business to help you grow. We are committed, diligent, and we communicate with you. You are never left in the dark on the status of any portion of your project.

When the right people are in key positions to mitigate risk and concern, construction is fun. We lean on time-tested relationships to help make our projects successful.

Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction clients need an advocate. We insure that the interests and areas of importance are communicated well to the Architects, Consultants, and General Contractor. ML Gray Partnership quarterbacks the project, utilizing our experience to keep the construction project on time and on target, avoiding costly mistakes, and completing with success. “It’s important that everyone is on the same sheet of music.” Clients often save time and/or money by leaning on ML Gray Partnership to get the job done.



Each golf facility is unique. Designing, building and managing these special projects takes a high level of refinement, an understanding of that particular club’s culture, and an extra measure of customer service. Managing these specialized projects also means leading and coordinating the membership, the ownership, the architects, the consultants, the contractors, and the local municipalities through the project’s duration. We love working with golf facilities and their special projects. They are challenging and thus rewarding.


Multi Family:

ML Gray Multi-Family was created to meet increasing demand for this specialized, dynamic and evolving Texas market. We have the capability and diversity to work within a wide range of project scale, budgets, and complexities within the Multi-Family market.

Dependability. Versatility. Trust. Our clients appreciate that we can help navigate any project scope or size. By offering focused services - beginning with the Pre-Construction process - and through the project's completion - we build relationships so we can be of service for future project needs.